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Also known as wolf berries, we are lucky to have a fresh source of these little beauties here at Bridges.

We use just a few in our juices, as that is all you need for a dose of its powerful antioxidant properties.

They can have a slightly bitter after taste, so we like to use fresh apple or orange as a base to take that away, and perhaps a little beetroot to add a beautiful red hue!

We cant promise, but they do have a reputation for promoting youthful looking skin. Try it soon!

We like to advocate a healthy lifestyle here at Bridges, and happily the younger members of our family love the outdoor life too.

The Bridges junior team did us proud at the weekend, throwing themselves, literally, into the rough and tumble of Spartan Race.

Fuelled with fresh juices, they climbed, scrambled and dived through the children's obstacle course with gusto!

Well done guys!

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Terry Gauci and Breakfast Brian from Star Radio have made the final decision The winning juice is.....

Alien Wonders!

Congratulations to Sarah Gass on her winning formula of pineapple, apple, spinach and banana.

Sarah wins lunch on us, and Alien Wonders will be available in the shop for all to try.

Watch out for it on our boards and listen to tomorrow's breakfast show to hear what happened!

Our runners up were

Sun'z Up by Julian Finbow

Winter Warmer by Maddy Huffer

We had enormous fun judging this competition, thanks so much to all who entered. 

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