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Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Is your New Year's resolution to improve your fitness & health? It's a way of life all year round for us!

It's all too easy to pile on the pounds over Christmas with festive treats abound. Maybe January is a great time for starting new eating habits, and Bridges is a great place to start. All through the year we serve healthy fresh fare, and we thought we would put together some handy hints and tips.

1) Portion control You will notice that the dishes we serve at Bridges are carefully portioned. We are not being mean. We honestly feel that a small plate of food packed with healthy ingredients is enough to get you through. Less calories right there!

2) Cut down on meat We love meat, but culturally we don't have too much of it on our plates. We like to serve lots of fresh vegetables with the addition of meat, not the other way round.

3) Juices & Smoothies Not to be seen as meal replacement, but a great addition to your diet ensuring you get at least your 5 a day. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, have a delicious smoothie to fill you up.

4) Exercise

This doesn't have to be marathon running, just 40 minutes of brisk walking every day gets the heart pumping and burns some calories.  5) The odd treat Well, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have a sweet treat now and then. Lots of ours are low sugar. When we follow a recipe, we usually cut the sugar content by half or more, and our customers say they don't really notice the difference. Try it with your home baking. We are always happy to chat about nutrition and good health to our customers. Come and try some of our tasty dishes and be inspired.

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