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Summer Juice Menu

Summer is here, and so is our latest juice and smoothie selection. We have chosen these particular fruits and veg as they at their flavoursome best at this time of year.

On our juice board you will find brand new recipes such as the Tropical Teaser, featuring refreshing watermelon, known for its cooling properties, and pineapple, great for digestion and packed with vitamin C. Perfect to revive you on a hot sunny day.

The wonderfully zesty Eye Opener juice is another new recipe, combining lemon, ginger and apple. Utterly fresh and naturally sweet, apple forms the base of this delicious drink. We always juice the whole fruit (minus the pips), so you can reap all the health giving benefits contained in the peel and flesh. We add fresh ginger, known for its excellent digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, and lemon, packed with vitamins and nutrients, known to strengthen the immune system.

Try our Reviver for a natural pick me up - fresh orange, apple and a handful of frozen cranberries for a real hit of antioxidants and vitamins!

We take our juicing very seriously, to ensure we give you great flavour with naturally healthy ingredients to refresh you. We work hard to perfect our recipes, to ensure you are happy with the balance of health giving properties and great taste. The examples on our board are using ingredients we can obtain daily, but check out our specials board for more seasonal juice blends or if you prefer a different combination than shown, please ask!

There are lots to choose from, and whether you make your selection based on health choices or attractive flavours, we are sure you will be back for more. So pick up a loyalty card at the till, and we will give you your sixth one free.

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