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Smoothies vs Juices

You may have visited Bridges and seen an array of machines we use for making juices and smoothies. We harness the benefits of the different types of extraction and blending they can offer, to give maximum nutrition and great taste to our drinks.

So what is the difference between a smoothie and a juice?

It's all about texture. A smoothie is a thicker drink, with milk and banana, or avocado, at its base, to give a thicker consistency. The fruit or veg is blended to give you a drink packed with fibre and nutrients.

When we use our juicing machines, the fruit and veg has all its juices extracted, leaving behind the pulp. Some fibre is retained, but in a much finer form. Our bodies can absorb the nutrients easily, as it doesn’t have to break down and digest so much fibre.

But as our body needs a balance of fibre and nutrients, we feel it's good to have a mix of smoothies and juices in our diet overall.  Some of the recipes we have on offer have a combination of blended and juiced elements.

We rely on the natural sweetness of our ingredients, such as apple and carrot, as we do not add any sugar to our juices or smoothies. But if your palate requires an extra hit of sweetness, just ask for a spoonful of Dryton's Own local honey.

So there you have it, a quick summary of the difference between our juices and smoothies. If you needed any more of an excuse to try some, pick up a loyalty card, and get your sixth juice free!

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