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Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2016

Well who would have thought it?

We only went and won a Gold Award at the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards, two years running!

We love getting the word out about what we do at Bridges, and also sharing news about our fellow indies and the great events going on locally. So it would seem that those lovely people at the Cambridge Digital Awards liked it too, and they gave us the top prize for 'Best Use of Social Media for Business.'

We really didn't think we would win again this year, as the competition was so hot. We were up against an established agency promoting a large brand. So you can imagine our surprise (and lack of prepared speech) when our name was announced. It just goes to show, the little family businesses can have a voice too, which is so empowering in this corporate arena we are in.

The awards dinner was held at The Belfry Hotel in Cambourne, and we were dining with a lovely group of people. Lucky table 4 turned out to be decorated with 3 gold awards, so we were in great company. BAO Agency won the Best Website award, and Musings and More, Best Blog in the entertainment category. The fizzy water was flowing on table 4, I can tell you!

It was a super evening to catch up with other Cambridge businesses, like our friends at  Sookio and Catfish Web Design and we were pleased to see so many Cambridge foodies, like Cambridge Food Collective, being decorated.  

Take a look here to see all the winners:

Many thanks to Cambridge Digital Awards for putting on a great event.  We are proudly displaying our two gold awards on our Bridge Street windows, one facing the north and one facing the south, so you won't miss the glowing awards in the sun no matter which direction you come from when you visit us.   

We hope to see more businesses next year in the celebration.  While some may think the digital has stopped people from face-to-face interaction, I think it has changed the way people interact with each other.  We are now provided with more information, more choices and the means to do it.  We can communicate with each other and with world more effectively and efficiently.  Isn't this the biggest reason for this celebration?

(group pictures credit to Cambridgeshire Digital Award team)

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